Top 10 things to learn about the life of a hairstylist

Every woman loves their hairs a lot, perhaps more than anything else in this world. This is one of the reasons why they are always so upfront in doing only the best for their hair, even if that means trying some new experiment or risking the well-being of their beautiful hair strands.

And it is due to this reason also many people are there out in the world who are eager to spend thousands of bucks for ensuring that the health of their hairs remain intact and flourishing too.

This is the job of a hairstylist who is well experienced in doing her job and helping the customers to get a vibrant and beautiful hair. There are so many professional hairstylists distributed all across the world that getting baffled over this piece of information is very common.

However, on one hand, when we know that the sole person who could transform out entire look is a potential hairstylist, on the other hand it is we who criticize them for their works or make false assumptions.

So, for this one time, before making any sort of presumptions, let’s discover some of the hidden facts about the life and job of a hairstylist. Perhaps this new set of knowledge will actually help us to understand these hair professionals in a new limelight.

Hairstylists are humans, not God’s

When you are stuck in a problem, you recall God and suddenly start expecting a miracle to happen. Well, that’s what we all do, isn’t it?

But, don’t you think that when you repeat this same thing in a hair salon, it would be too absurd?

Obviously, it will be because you just cannot recall God inside a salon to come and settle inside your hairstylist and perform some miracle magically. So, you have to first understand that these professionals are mere humans and they will perform their job as per their forte. Expecting too much from won’t do you any good rather might put them under tensed situations.

Result in a hair salon is directly proportional to the money you will be spending 

Now, before walking into a salon, you always check your bank balance or the cash present in your pocket. Have you ever asked yourself why you suddenly get so paranoid?

No right?

Well, let us tell you why! You start comparing the services provided in a salon to your homemade services that perhaps could easily be done using the products available in your nearby supermarket and that would have saved you tons of bucks.

You are wrong!

The products used by a hairstylist are always of premium quality and some are exported, and the techniques used by them come from years of experience. And for these two things, you have to spend some amount of money.

Hairstylists derive information from the history of your hair 

When you walk into a salon, you usually become mute, only giving feeble answers about what you would like to do. However, you hardly speak of a word about the earlier condition of your hair, let alone tell your hairstylist about the things you have used in the past or what were the wrong decisions you probably have taken. Now, this might be because you become too ignorant or too embarrassed.

But, dear, here is the truth! A professional hair stylist can never produce your expectant result until you are feeding him or her with a small insight into the history of your hair. This will not only benefit you but also will help your stylist to understand the condition of your hair from inside out.

Understand: coloring is not equivalent to highlighting 

Often people get confused between two services offered in a hair salon by a colorist: coloring the hair and highlight the hair. You would think that when a dye is used for both the process, what wrong is there in not mixing them up?

First, coloring means dying the whole hair and transforming the original look of your hair strands. However, when we are talking about highlighting, we mean that only certain strands of the hair will be dyed using the color of your choice and in this process, the originality of your hair will be retained.

Now, do you have any mix conception about coloring and highlighting your hair?

Hairstylists are not painters 

Do you know the job and responsibilities of a painter? Well, these people, are very good at replicating their thoughts and their vision through their art. They can actually REPLICATE, no matter what kind of paint they are using or where they are painting.

However, the same is not with professional hairstylists. They work on your hair based on the past and present conditions. Also, they ensure that the result will make your look good. So, whatever picture you will be offering them as a reference, sorry to burst your bubble but they won’t be able to relocate the pictures with a hundred percent precision.

Hairstylists ask you for patience in return of a handiwork

Happy Young Woman Getting Hair Styled as Updo in Salon

No good result comes with being impatient or grumpy all the time. The same logic applies in case of a treatment or styling procedure in a salon. Comparing the time slot of a haircut to hair grafting will be a complete disaster. Similarly, comparing the time taken by the hair trimming process and pixie hair cut process will definitely lead you to nowhere.

Different techniques are used in a hair parlor. Also, the work speed of different hairstylists is different. So never expect them to finish a complicated method within a span of a few minutes. When you are handing them the work, you have to be patient to get fruitful results.

These professionals can also be specific, don’t expect them to know everything 

Sometimes, you will get hairdressers, braid specialists, hair cutters, and so on who have gained experience from some specific fields. These people do know the overview of hairstyling but expecting too much general knowledge from them would result in zero.

They do have great knowledge and experience too in the fields in which they have excelled but don’t expect them to know everything just because they have chosen a specific hairstyling profession rather than a general one.

They expect a little bit of trust from all their customers 

A hairstylist while working ensures that she can provide her best and bring out the most divine and astonishing result out of her skills being applied on your hair. Even though you might think that it is not good to completely rely a salon hairstylist, the reality is not the same.

In the world of beauty and art, customers need to rest their trust within the professional workers who are much more knowledgeable and experienced than what your thoughts can perceive.

And this is what a professional stylist will ask from you-to allow him or her to do their job without too many interruptions and to rest your complete faith upon them.

Hairstylists value your opinion, so don’t blame them for any invited disaster

“Arrogance comes with knowledge and experience”

Many of you might believe in this saying but this is not what all the hairstylists follow. They can be regarded as the most humble professionals because they know that their profession demands them to work for others and not themselves. And perhaps this is the reason why they value your opinion so much, and sometimes they do this over their own experienced opinions.

So, when you are walking into a salon, never be scared of sharing your thoughts with your hairstylist in the false fear of getting chastised by them.

Admit, they know your hair the moment they see it and touch it 

We know, it might be very hard for you but the professional hair salon stylists know your hair a lot better than you actually do. They understand your unspoken words about what you would like to have and how you would like to look with your new hairstyle.

And as they are very experienced with different customers having a different mindset, they can easily tell the textures of your hair, the extent of damage done to it, the roughness and strength of your hair strands, and also why kind of technique will be best suited for you.


There are indeed a lot of things that we don’t know about the hairstylists and this fear of unknown drives us to make some irrational conclusions about these people who work only to ensure that their customers can walk out of the salon with a radiant smile on their faces.

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