Milwaukee M18 Miter Saw Professional-ish Review

The miter saw is a resource that brings carpentry cuts to some advanced level of precision. Miter saws provide speedy, accurate go across slashes at angles. Although created for finish off carpentry, like molding and cut cutting programs, they are simply being found in all phases of design.

The Milwaukee M18 Gasoline 7-1/4” Dual Bevel Moving Compound Miter Saw works away from 1 18-volt battery pack, includes a 7-1/4 blade and weighs 28 lbs. Trust me when I say that this gentle and small saw is the best compound miter saw out there.

In reality, my very first perception as i found this saw was, ” WOW this things light-weight!” This saw offers the possible ways to be the perfect clip saw. It’s dimensions bridges the space inside the power resource space for exterior siding, floors and trim building contractors who don’t normally need to have a huge capacity saw.

We had taken this saw to your redecorating work web site to view the actual way it would carry out.

What Do You Really Need

This far along in my career, I have discovered that I don’t require a 12″ moving saw considering in at 50 or 60 pounds to cut 4″ window toned. To place this into point of view consider hauling your present saw up three air flights of steps, sound fun?

Incorporated area table manages as well as a solitary top have take care of turn this into saw a breeze to transport, and set-up. The saw table has minimize outs that not only reduce the instruments body weight and also give an outstanding, nicely balanced, keep in the saw. We thought it was very very portable one-given.

Its lightweight size takes up significantly less area within my vehicle, or trailers shelf, which is always a plus.

Because I age group and do this more, I have come to recognize that I can perform most of my assist less heavy, more transportable instruments. I still very own a corded 12″ Dewalt slider, but it is located idle waiting for that unusual offsite or stairway job.

When applied in conjunction with Milwaukee’s most recent Miter Saw Stay, the Miter Saw still weighs in at 59 pounds. that is what most opponent miter saws [with no stand] think about in at.

Motor unit

The M18 Gasoline 7-1/4” Two Bevel Slipping Compound Miter Saw features a slanted, straight generate, soft commence, brushless motor that rotates at 5000 RPMs.

This saw motor unit is essentially a similar motor unit that Milwaukee utilizes within their 7-1/4″ rounded saw. This slanted motor unit style [angled gears] allows the saw to obtain a two bevel on the right at 48 qualifications. The gentle-start function in the motor unit is nice and we noticed that you don’t obtain that big “Head-Bob,” as being the blade starts rotating. An electric brake basic safety feature also stops the blade fast.

Most miter saws nowadays use a pronated grip. We find that it fingers situation is best suited to manage the saw and lower, contributing to accurate, nice and clean reductions.

A two action bring about allows ambidextrous use therefore we located the changes very easy to reach and trigger.

I’m not a fan of lasers because they often emerge from calibration and suffer from blade diameter.

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 7-1/4” Two Bevel Moving Compound Miter Saw makes use of a strong Directed lighting that lighting up the function desk and casts a shadow line down and across each side in the saw blade, showing the saw kerf. We learned that this shadow lines are bright enough to discover in the majority of daylight conditions and operates on diverse saw blade widths.

This LED light is stimulated once the tools induce is drawn, or through a different swap, effortlessly accessed from the manage.


A lot of you might be pondering why performed Milwaukee make a saw by using a 7-1/4″ blade? Properly allows flush that out.

A blade this size are prepared for the majority of the key duties we all do, that’s a truth, plus it indicates a less heavy device. Smaller 7-1/4″ blade does mean a lot less deflection, and much more correct slices. With things becoming the same, you will see significantly less deflection once you step downward any blade. Lastly the saw is lightweight – which is a objective for many people.

This saw includes a two bevel feature which can be essential to us, and what we do. The fact that this saw is two bevel and cord less is really a earn. Actually, we had the ability to make 45 degree bevel slashes without taking out the fence. You do have to slide the fences all the way up over to the edges. When coming up with bevel angle of 48° either left and right, you need to get rid of the fence.

A flexible steel detent dish consists of 11 detent prevents and a detent override enables the you secure the saw, specifically in place. The detent override and locking mechanism enables you to set up the saw a”smudge,” off of the detent, which everybody knows, may be useful occasionally.

Run time

Everyone wants to understand the number of slashes a cordless saw can achieve. When designed with a 5. Oh battery power, this saw can comprehensive over 600 reductions in 3-1/4” bottom board and up to 300 slices in 2×4 stock.

We didn’t use a trim work to create this saw on, and then we made a decision to make use of this saw with a little addition we were framing. We tried it to cut 2×4, 2×6 studs plus some exterior window clip. The saw will not be a saw mill in the power division, but it is effective enough to cut this wood.

We had been mindful to not plow through the materials, but applied regular nourish amount to help make our slashes. I’ll be honest, I have done not anticipate this saw to keep up or last with framing wood however it did.

As far a saw operations will go, the saw controls, bevel and glide rails are clean and simple to use.

We noticed that when we plugged in a 9. Oh battery power we acquired a little bit hit in saw strength. Here is the battery I’d recommend employing when cutting framework.

One particular essential observation was that we failed to observe any excessive flex inside the saw mind when fully retracted about the rails. The saw brain was durable, as well as the side rails, are related in layout for the 10″ saw, slide smoothly on bearings and feel happy.

This saw does not demand lots of push to generate a go across-minimize.

Dust particles

The miter saw includes a big dark fabric dust handbag, that had been developed to be able to be loaded up to the peak. Generally most miter saw hand bags fill and obstruct the dust port or spews dirt back throughout the dust particles chute once the saw go is pushed lower.

This bag features a plastic “snorkel-like” tubing attachment that directs the saw dust particles to the rear of the travelling bag. It helps to keep the dust from sliding out and provides you should assortment capability.

A single great factor regarding the saws back end airborne dirt and dust port was designed specifically to allow for seven [7] different dirt extractor nozzle fitments.

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