How To Counter Zarya at Overwatch

Zarya doesn’t have hard counters, only gentle kinds – apart from a few exceptions. Zenyatta’s Transcendence nullifies Graviton Spike and Reaper melts her buffer.

And further safety she produces in the team, i think about Zarya a fantastic reservoir to major due toinjury and overall flexibility.

The supports are pleased should there be a Zarya inside their staff because they can count on her shield if the flankers try and destroy them usually.


Strong Against

D.Va, Genji, Junkrat, Mei, Roadhog, Torbjorn

Weak Against

Bastion, Pharah, Reaper, Zenyatta

Characters countered by Zarya

Preserving herself and her teammates from several demise, zarya can be a solid choose versus Roadhog because she surfaces even the best Chain Catch by utilizing a obstacle at the right time. Roadhog can be another big hero with a lot of Hewlett packard, so he is a great goal to demand your supreme speedier.

Torbjorn and Junkrat are a way to obtain unrestricted vitality due to the continuous damage of the turret and the splash harm to the Frag Launcher. I warmly suggest swapping Junkrat just because a substantial-vitality Zarya is indeed a ache to cope with as she will easily damage even the best aquarium.

Mei’s freezing capabilities have zero impact on Zarya as her limitations can free herself plus a teammate from Blizzard and also the main blaze of Endothermic Blaster. Remember that an effective Mei continues to be very unpleasant to deal with, and in the long run this matchup is dependent upon the relevant skills in the athletes.

In case you are enjoying D.Va, just dismiss Zarya

There are many D.Va gamers out there as she has become a meta hero for a long time, and so i chose to talk more details on this matchup.

Therefore you are resistant to her core protective instrument, zarya is a great choose against D.Va due to the fact Defense Matrix can’t prohibit the ray of Particle Cannon.

A very high-electricity Zarya can literally burn D.Va within minutes, and Particle Obstacle blocks easily a volley of Mini Missiles, increasing her injury even more. Likewise, Forecasted Obstacle can be used to guard a teammate from the long-distance, nullifying D.Va’s offensive steps.

D.Va is a kind of big power battery pack for Zarya, which means you should never try to 1vs1 her. Why would you spend your time against her, though d.Va can make use of her range of motion to harass after which travel outside Zarya‘s invasion collection? You happen to be whole lot more beneficial elsewhere during a flank or staff overcome, and dedicating a lot of resources to Zarya will just charge her energy and greatest quicker.

D.Va has one good perk against Zarya: Safeguard Matrix can process Graviton Rise. It occurs rarely unless you are combating a beginner, even though this is a game-changing move.

You can somehow predict when Zarya will decrease the Graviton by focusing on her motions as well as the positioning of her staff. If Zarya reaches the entrance line top rated the fee, they probably have some thing at heart.

Characters who countertop Zarya

But honestly she is amongst the most awful tanks you may Crack, many players assume that Sombra is a superb choose versus Zarya because Hack prevents her bubbles. In the 1vs1 scenario, she is going to just battle back and damage you together ray. So you don’t even need to use boost skill rating in overwatch services to kick her.


Pharah must make use of her very long-array overcome and strikes Zarya from outside the range of her beam. That’s just your own mistake if she has the capacity to eliminate you.

Zarya will overlook you completely because she doesn’t possess the correct skillset to manage Pharah that is the position of hitscan heroes such as Soldier most likely: Widowmaker and 76. Concentrate your interest on assistance and DPS characters, and strike Zarya only if her obstacle is on cooldown, or else you will cost her.


Reaper is simply one of the best surfaces against tanks and armored heroes because he can harm them heavily as well as therapeutic himself on account of the unaggressive lifestealing. Generally, the tanks have a big silhouette, so that your Hellfire Shotguns will struck them consistently even coming from a not optimal length.


Bastion is pointed out on the list of counter tops on account of his huge harm output. Keep in mind she could battle back and destroy you if Particle Barrier is offered, she has enough vitality saved, and you also are in her collection, even though zarya has no odds to thrive while you are in Sentry form. Will not participate her with the completely wrong some time and from a bad positioning.


Naturally, Zenyatta can’t beat Zarya in a 1vs1 situation. The biggest reason he or she is shown one of the counter tops is Transcendence, which completely nullifies every Graviton Surge.

And literally preserve the life of your respective whole group thanks to the substantial AoE heal, you can initialize your supreme even though caught from the Graviton mainly because it doesn’t have a crippling result.

The injury buff given by Orb of Discord is fantastic to help your DPS gamers when her obstacle is on cooldown. Also you can lure the shield of the a lot less-knowledgeable Zarya simply by with your capacity.

Countering Zarya together

I know that interaction can be a uncommon expertise in bar vide

o games and especially in solo line, however, you can improve the strength of the full staff by calling out several essential circumstances:

Alert once the buffer is on cooldown. Many teammates might not strike or use specific expertise because they are holding out to bait her bubble very first.

Concentration her when on great-power. Zarya’s problems output is silly if she will be able to fee her vitality, so she gets to be a concern target your group must handle at the earliest opportunity.

Warn if she is going to Graviton. And she will utilize it, try out alerting the group soon enough therefore they will spread out and get away from a possible catastrophe, should you observed that Zarya’s best is prepared.

Question your teammates not to nourish her. This can be a very fine subject matter because several players do no acknowledge any tip relating to their game play, but if you see that someone is blindly supplying her free fee (such as a Junkrat constantly spamming grenades against her buffer) make an effort to make clear – with the greatest regard – the way to act against her.

Burst open damage. Zarya is not the most difficult reservoir inside the video game: If split up from all of those other crew, she is poor as soon as the buffer is on cooldown, specially. Organize your broken harm at the proper time to eradicate her rapidly.

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