Benefits Of Having Restaurant Coupons

How do I bring more customers into my restaurant? is one of the most persistent questions any restaurant owner asks themselves. There are many other ways to market your company, but restaurant coupons may be the one that gets mentioned the most.

They are believed to be a worthwhile investment because they encourage customers to sample your meal, making them worth the price of printing, distribution, and any discounts you may be offering. Additionally, a lot of coupons are now digital, so it shouldn’t be a problem.
Well, maybe not always.

There are more drawbacks associated with including restaurant coupons in your company plan than there are advantages to using them as a marketing strategy. Considering these benefits and drawbacks is a crucial first step in developing your restaurant’s marketing plan.

Restaurant coupons: Advantages

The idea behind coupons, which have been used since 1887 to encourage product trials, is still valid today. Coupons are an excellent method to entice customers who have never tried your restaurant to stop by for a meal or to place an order. It gets people through the door so they can sample your food for themselves and create a memorable experience. Additionally, if the coupon is specifically for one of your most well-liked dishes, your guest will get to sample the greatest dishes first.

There is also the possibility of upselling once they are inside your establishment beyond what the voucher offers. If you’ve done a good job of training your servers, they’ll be alert for chances to recommend additional to the order beyond the discount. Give your servers some suggestions for what they might recommend to go with the thing that is being presented with the coupon, whether it be choosing one of your speciality cocktails or adding on an appetizer for the table to share.

The problem with coupons in the modern economy is that people no longer desire to “clip” them. Controlling who gets the coupon is difficult because everything is digital. Consumers who use coupons will search the internet for coupons for the restaurants they wish to visit in order to take advantage of the savings (it’s simple to discover coupons for your preferred restaurants using Google). Putting your coupons online could help you reach more people where they search and at a lower cost than buying ad space in your neighborhood newspaper, although you can still do it if it works for you.

The Drawbacks of Restaurant Coupons

It may sound apparent, but it’s important to remember that if you offer coupons for a particular product, your profit margin for that product would correspondingly decrease. Your per-dish prices are quickly increased by restaurant coupons. That could result in significant drops in your profit while the coupons are still in effect if done frequently.

Coupons also disadvantage your servers because, for the same amount of effort, a smaller check is probably going to result in a lesser tip.

The mere fact that a consumer enters the restaurant using a coupon does not guarantee that they will be welcomed back. It’s one and done for many people. If your new client can get the steak for $12, they might not want to order it again for $20.

While it is now simpler for consumers to access coupons online, it is also much more difficult for businesses to carefully control the quantity of coupons available. You start to lose control and might sell far more merchandise at a discount than you anticipated. Additionally, you face the danger of clients exploiting the situation by discovering ways to get around the terms and conditions of your voucher.

Furthermore, there is no assurance that new consumers who are trying out your restaurant will utilize your voucher. There is a good likelihood that you will give your present clients looking for a discount margin due to simple access to any coupon on the market.

The most significant drawback of coupons, though, is the harm they may do to your brand as a whole. After all, if you’re known for offering freebies, buyers will start to expect them. Customers might even postpone visiting your business until they notice that you’ve distributed additional vouchers. It will begin to diminish the value of your brand as a whole by establishing you as a “cheap restaurant.”

Other Options Besides Restaurant Coupons

While using coupons might not be a good idea for your restaurant, there are other strategies that have been shown to work well in attracting new people to test your cuisine.

Click here to Promote a limited-time deal similar to a seasonal product. The LTO won’t harm your reputation like dispersing coupons would, as long as it complements your brand and cuisine. It’s not necessary for limited-time deals to be cheaper than your normal menu items in order to pique customers’ FOMO (fear of missing out). To ensure that there is always something fresh and “around for a brief time” that can draw in new customers, think about developing a seasonal item for every season.

Naturally, restaurants participating in the Rewards Network program avoid using coupons because both new and recurring customers receive benefits from the rewards of your choosing that we offer on your behalf. The largest restaurant industry promotion program in the country, Rewards Network collaborates with some of the most well-known national businesses to bring in both new and repeat consumers who spend more money.

We encourage your broad and affluent member base to dine at the restaurants. Members who lunch with you typically spend 13% more than other patrons. Customers receive awards, increasing the value of your restaurant’s brand rather than decreasing it. And without using coupons, you generate more sales.

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