8 Different Margarita Glasses To Buy

Jimmy Buffet said, “If life gives me limes, make it.”Margaritas”The iconic vacation drink that combines both ice and water tequila combination of lime juice, sugar, and a sweetener to make a getaway in a glass. It can be served frozen, on the rocks, or up. You can choose which one you prefer.”Margaritas are easy to make. Tommy’s Margarita is my favorite Margarita. It only has three ingredients: Tequila (two-ounces), Agave (.75-ounce each),” Crystal Chasse, beverage director attack Story RooftopBrooklyn, N.Y.

We have a wide selection of glasses that you can choose from, whether you like your Margarita frothy or delicate. These are the top Margarita glasses you can sip right now, thanks to our friends in the bar industry.

Novica Artisan Crafted Blue Recycled Glass tumbler is the Best Overall

A pint glass is my personal favorite margarita glasses. Juan Fernandez, beverage director, says that it can hold a lot of Margarita and a solid salt rim. It is also functional in any bar.The BallantyneInCharlotte, NC. Fernandez says that colored glasses are a great way to enhance Margarita’s flavor. “I prefer cobalt, but the white salt is great as a contrast.”

This tumbler is the perfect combination of both: it can hold twice as much as a standard pint glass and features a stylish, cocktail-ready design in a striking cobalt color. These glasses were made from recycled glass by Mexican artisans as part of a fair-trade agreement between Novica International and National Geographic. These glasses have a very authentic feel due to the small bubbles that are a result of their hand-made nature. You can wash these glasses in the dishwasher but not on the top rack.

Haze 5-Piece Assorted Set of Glassware

Chasse says that an old-fashioned Margarita glass is the best. “I love Margs on the rocks, and when they are served in cool glasses like this one, it makes the experience feel so sophisticated.”

The set also includes a matching pitcher. Mix up a batch of Margaritas (or punch, sangria, or any number of cocktails for a crowd) and pour tableside for your guests. The carafe can hold 30-ounces, and the hand-made glasses can hold 12 ounces. A smaller, heavy base provides stability. This set of four glasses with a matching carafe is inspired by nature’s colors. It features subtle blue ombre glass. It gives off a shimmering ocean blue hue when filled. Each piece can be washed in a dishwasher.

Tip: This set doubles up as a housewarming gift. This set is great for serving orange juice during breakfast.

Most Unique: Libbey Cactus Margarita Glasses

Do you love Margaritas, or are you a fervent fan? Or are you an entertainer expert? Libbey’s Cactus Margarita glasses make a great choice for happy hour, taco nights, and other occasions. You can also use the glass for salsas.

These glasses feature a cactus stem that is desert-inspired and can be used to enjoy tropical drinks of any kind. These quirky glasses can hold 16 ounces of liquid. They are dishwasher-safe, so they’re easy to clean up. The glasses measure 6.25 inches tall and have a thicker rim that makes them easy to salt. These glasses are made by Libbey glassware, a brand that is loved by bartenders because of its high quality bar setting. They will last for years.

The handblown rocks glass is the most durable

“The Margarita is such a simple and sturdy cocktail, so I say go with something simple and sturdy for glassware as well,” describes Blair Bowman, the general manager of the much-anticipated Khora in Cincinnati. These decorative rocks glasses are my favorite. These glasses have enough flair to grab your attention and feel great in your hands, so you’ll be happy having a third nightcap.

These glasses are a tribute to the Margarita glasses you’d find in taco shops or cervezerias south-of the border. They showcase the traditions of Mexican glass blowing (it’s been a strong tradition in the country since 1535–the first glass ever made in North America was in Mexico), working with recycled and repurposed glasses. The heavy glass measures four inches in height and is durable.

Best Stemmed: Tiki Glass Coupe

“I love my Margaritas up, so my go-to glassware is a coupette,” describes Fever-Tree’s Alexis Green. “This glass is elegant, the perfect size, and also the wide opening allows the drinker to enjoy the intoxicating aromas of lime and the perfectly selected tequila.” Jon Bacon, the bartender at FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar in Bloomington, Minnesota, agrees. To ensure that the slush remains slushy and my hands stay warm, I will use any item with a stem.

This glass is elegant because it has the elegance and island vibe of a high-end cocktail coupe. Pulling inspiration from vintage kitsch, the amber stem makes this glass an excellent vessel for serving tropical and tiki-style drinks. This set of four glasses contains 8.5 ounces of Margaritas or Daiquiris.

Best Splurge: JFR Glass Pink-Rimmed Rocks Glass

“Rocks glasses are the best and the standard glass for Margaritas,” describes Gina Buck, the beverage director at Concord Hill in Brooklyn, NY. They make it easy for you to salt the rim of your glass, as it doesn’t spill all over.

These hand-blown glasses make a great addition to any glassware collection if you are serious about Margaritas. These glasses can also be used for summer water glasses, which are great for Margaritas. This glass’s brilliant purple rim is ideal for fruitier Margarita riffs. The shimmering colored glass (hold the glass up to the sun to see how the colors transform) goes well with a traditional hibiscus Margarita. All glass is protected against UV rays and packaged in eco-friendly packaging.

It’s good to know: “If you add a Seasonal juiceBuck says you should use less sugar to get the flavor of passionfruit, grapefruit juice, or hibiscus.

True North Insulated Margarita Glass is the best for outdoor activities

True North’s Insulated Margarita Glass is perfect for drinking Margaritas at the bar or outside. This is a thermos for Margaritas. It’s made from 18/8 stainless steel and has a vacuum-sealed construction. The glass will keep your drink chilled for up to 24hrs. We hope you enjoy it more quickly than that. Triton lids prevent your drink from spilling or sloshing.

This option can also be used to make frozen Margaritas or ice cream. The double-walled construction keeps your hands and fingers warm. Keep your drinks chilled. You can choose from a variety of metallic colors to match your mood: glimmering greens and jewel tones as well as more subtle blacks, silvers, and copper. The glasses can hold eight ounces of liquid, regardless of color.

Best Large: SCS Direct Extra Large Margarita Glass

You don’t want to have to reach for your glass every time you drink. This glass is the ideal solution. This party-sized glass holds a quarter gallon or 33 ounces of mixed drink (a.k.a. Three regular-sized Margaritas. You can also make your favorite large-format cocktail (maybe a Zombie). Stick enough straws in the glass for your friends and yourself. These glasses, while more fun, are still quality hand-blown glass. They will need to be washed manually.

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